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 Bon Baisers de Voronezh

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MessageSujet: Bon Baisers de Voronezh   Bon Baisers de Voronezh EmptyLun 8 Fév - 3:37

Hi all. My name is Anatolij and I'm from Russia. My English is not very good so I'm previuosly apologizing for my mistakes. I have been felt in unrequited love twice. That girls knew about my senses to them but C'est la vie. They appreciate and respect me. So ...I will never become a gay. Better to be alone but getero ))). Ok. My friends know that I'm not loser, but they often tell me to "simple find a girl". I don't want to "simple find a girl". I want to love!
Firstly I want to tell you that Najoua is a Siren from Greek myths. I will tell you the story how I heard about Najoua. 23th of January 2010 at night I was looking for some xxx video in the internet and suddenly I saw a preview of one minifilm. There were 2 men represented there. I am getero and never saw about gays anything. But I wanted to know what people are thinking about them in the comments.
That was a diafilm about gays without porno accompanied with music. Suddenly I was lost in time and space(coma;)))). And only when the music had stopped I has revived back. I forgot anything in the world then. I didn't understand what was it? Suddenly I saw a comment where smbd has written that the song was in a subject. I immediately understood that the song was GREAT!!!! I knew that that was a French song but I didn't know anything in French. But I remembered only one word - "Gabrielle". I immediately found this song.(That was an amour mix) Then clip. I understood that I fell in love again! F**en Engish I can't say what I really think! Her voice was so sexy, her appearance(Avatar of a goddess!)... She is an angel. Real. She infatuated me! Has anybody ever seen "Parfumeur "? Main hero made people worship to him in the end of the film. So can Najoua. There are no any Russian forums, only one official site where I found the biography of Najoua. It was very beautiful and romantic. I couldn't stop and has registered at foreign resourses. That was very difficult to translate big French texts. OMG. But I found out necessary info about her and her creativity. I was very glad to learn that she is the author of her songs. There are very few translations of her songs in Russian. But I understand that she is extraordinary person. I understood La Berceuse, M, Gabrielle, Stella etc. These songs are very unusual for me. The theme of a bisexuality or gomosex. never sounds at our stage. It pushes away our listeners. I understood from her songs that her life is very hard and there are a lot of complexes or may be not! She is so brave to sing such songs. And she doesn't care that everybody will know about her thoughts, ambitions, dreams etc. That's very brave! Respect! She is like Mayakovskij! My favourite songs are : Gabrielle - amour version, Quand revient l'ete, M, Viola(Feat Lavoine), Viens viens, Née de l'Amour et de la Haine, Je Ferme Les Yeux, La bienvenue, Bon Baisers de Paris, La trêve de L'Amour. Clips are great all! But I want to say that I'm categorically against the neoplasty. This kind of surgery makes people much worse, their souls become corrupted! I never judge people by their appearance. Only the person, which is as ugly as he makes people be frightened of him, requires such operation.
I like to watch interviews with you. I don't want to be called a "fan" but I love you. I don't understand anything but adore you smiling, talking. I understand that i fell in love with image somewhat. But I really wish to get acqainted with you to touch you and to smell aroma of your hair. I know that there hundreds thousand people like me! I understand the sense of Celui qu’il me faut, Bon Baisers de Paris you are suffering from this mad world. I wish you will be happy and healtny first of all! I always wish to my dears two things - happiness and health! All other things are unnecessary at all when you are happy and healthy! I'm sure of it! And one more wish - eat more. You are so thin. You are very beautiful. Take care of yourself. Fans adore you! And come to Russia with a concert. And I wish you will read this by yourself.

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MessageSujet: Re: Bon Baisers de Voronezh   Bon Baisers de Voronezh EmptyLun 8 Fév - 20:56

I read all your post ... it's an amazing method to know Najoua, but the most important thing is that you know her... Welcome here ...

And don't Worry, Najoua, our angel as you say, will read this post ...

Najoua, on Rêve pour Toi ... Et notre Amour fera le reste ...

Bon Baisers de Voronezh Najoua15
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Bon Baisers de Voronezh
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