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 NaJoUa BeLyZeL, An AnGeL Is BoRn...

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MessageSujet: NaJoUa BeLyZeL, An AnGeL Is BoRn...   Dim 29 Juin - 18:58

Najoua Belyzel, her story...

Her real name is Najoua Mazouri, she was born on December 15th, 1981 in Nancy. Her father was Morocan and her mother Egyptian. She grew up in Nancy along with her three sisters and her two brothers.

In 2001, she decides to leave her native town to go to Paris.

From that point on, Najoua discovered her passion for music, she was writing texts for fun then while wanting to become a chorist on a casting, she met Christophe Casanave, author and composer who worked with and on the new album of none other than Marc Lavoine and Steeve Estatof.

After that, it all came together, Christophe becomes her composer, and between them, an artistic love developed. Then the magic of Gabriel, the first single of Najoua Belyzel came out, and launched her very first album, Entre deux Mondes.

A song filled with hope and love from Najoua Belyzel’s magical universe.

A universe unlike any other, HER universe, ours to discover…


Note : Just realized we never did this topic in english! About time Razz I just translated what Charlène wrote in the French section Wink


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MessageSujet: Re: NaJoUa BeLyZeL, An AnGeL Is BoRn...   Lun 30 Juin - 13:36

i hope that this artistic love between Christophe and our angel will continue because i think that music is a team work with its singer, songwriter, composer, producer etc..and i really admire what this magnifique team do..

We are hoping for the same chemistry to stay alive a long time - it's pure magic when she sings and the music itself is simply inspired Cool Crossing fingers the next album is as magical if not better than the first one! :110: :ok2:
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MessageSujet: Re: NaJoUa BeLyZeL, An AnGeL Is BoRn...   Mar 20 Oct - 7:10


I am really waiting patiently for her new album "Au Feminin" which is set to officially launch on 23 Novembre 2009. You light up my world, Najoua! Smile
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MessageSujet: Re: NaJoUa BeLyZeL, An AnGeL Is BoRn...   

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NaJoUa BeLyZeL, An AnGeL Is BoRn...
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